Mark Hayward is a full-time keynote speaker, professional juggler and yo-yo man. He travels throughout the United States and the world presenting to clients or doing his one-man show, trying to convince people that he has not wasted his life playing with toys. His parents are proud.

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The Story of the Origin of from Mark himself:

Those of you familiar with world-class yo-yoers may be wondering why Steve Brown and I both have websites titled “”  Well, a long time ago, Steve Brown called me up and said something like, “Hey Mark, I just registered this awesome new domain name, “”! So what we’re gonna do is get a bunch of yo-yo players together, and each of us will register that domain with our own names, we’ll cooperate as a group, and it will be awesome!”

I was interested, but not totally sold on the idea, and I didn’t hear anything else about the project. About 3 months later I got a free domain registration from some promotion, decided that Steve had a great idea after all, and registered “” Later that day I called up Steve to tell him about my new domain and get in on whatever exciting adventures I had been missing with my yo-yo pals.

“Hey Steve, I finally registered! What’s going on with the big yo-yo player online project?”

“Oh yeah, we’re not doing that anymore.”

Great. So now I look like a big fat copier. Oh well. I used this domain to start a blog, and here we are. The last time I looked, now redirects to Steve’s other projects. Maybe someday we’ll get the yo-yo mafia back together.





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