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I went and saw the movie last night with my buddy Marcus Monroe.  It was really good, although it did get my blood to boil.  As humans we are SO not all working toward the same goals.  Read more about the movie here.

Ate breakfast (Apple Jacks cereal… I’m not proud). Went to dog park. Took dog home, went to get oil changed and steering column recall done on Prius. Brought Taco Bell to Lenore at work. Forgot guacamole. Went to Takeshi’s house. Talked about his yo-yo DVD project. Painted some yo-yos. Came home. Fed and walked the dog. Ate dinner. Watched TV. Brushed teeth (and flossed). Worked on websites. Quick shower and reading of book on vaudeville coming up… then bed. Big day.

I am in Chicago for the next few days staying with my friends Harper and Matiss. Tomorrow is day two performing at Math Bowl 2006 down in Chicago Heights, and after that Harper and I are going to go to American Science and Surplus to buy parts to make new gizmos! It’s been too long since I have made anything cool, and my focus at the moment is solar power. I have a new project and I want to make some cool little gadgets that relate to it. With luck I’ll find just the right parts and be able to make a really cute little gizmo. I’ll post more details once I have had a chance to work on it.

Although it is still in the beginning stages, the time has come to reveal my new big secret project.


It’s a site on renewable energy. The intention is for it to be a community where people can find all of the information that they need about solar, wind power, biodiesel, firewood etc. At some point we are going to run out of oil, and every night the national news has a story on the high price of gas and/or our dependency on oil from around the world. I think the time has finally come when more people than just the hippies and the big-thinkers are interested in renewable energy. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been working for the last week getting RenewNews.com installed and working the way I want it to. I have so much more respect for computer people now. It’s really hard to get a lot of this stuff working! I have resources like Harper and Dylan who have more knowledge than I do, and I have access to the inner working of several websites that Harper and I work on together, and it was still hard for me to get this together. I’m working on a graphic for the top, and a few other things, but the site is up and running now. The community aspect will expand as time goes by, but for the moment we will have a few contributors writing articles that people can comment on if they want.