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I just started another ebay blitz.  I like to do my ebay selling in spurts.  That way I can really just focus on that, and it’s much easier to do everything assembly-line fashion.  As usual I have some yo-yos, some tops, and some random stuff that I don’t want anymore for sale.  There are a couple of things on there that I think the yo-yo collectors willbe really excited about, but we’ll just have to see.

You can see my auction items here.

I have been on an Ebay bender this week, and listed 12 things in the last few days.  Of course my pal Dazzling Dave was all like,

“Bender?!?  With 12 items?  That’s nothing.  I’ve got 586 listings this month.”

Thanks for the morale boost Dave.  Ya jerk.

If you want to see the crazy assortment of stuff I’m selling, check it out here.

If you’re on Dave’s side, check out his stuff here.

It’s starting to look like no one is going to buy the New Kids on the Block Bubblegum I’m selling on ebay. It doesn’t make any sense to me. How could someone not want it? It’s so awesome! It looks like there may not be a buyer for the Garfield Pencils I’m selling either. To me that one is not as hard to believe, but I really thought they would sell. There is still time for both items, but I’m just so surprized that there are no bids on either one yet.

Ok, but here’s the real shocker for me: the Toyota Prius keychain that I almost threw away is now over $20! Who knew? Maybe it’s rare, or maybe there are more keychain collectors out there than I thought… actually that must be it since I didn’t think there were ANY keychain collectors out there.

I’m still firing it up though. I’ll have a Dish Network DVR on sale on Tuesday, and I’m going to put up some vintage Mark Hayward t-shirts later today I think. I’ll post a link when I do.

Vintage Mark Hayward performing t-shirt ebay auction

That’s right… I just won on ebay. My first ebay auction ended very early this morning, and I got a respectable $6.63 for my 19 year-old Mountain Dew can. While I’m content with the outcome, I was hoping, as all ebay sellers do, that my item would be the envy of all the rich collectors around the world, and that they would stumble over themselves trying to outbid each other. The Mountain Dew can was my trial run, just to see how it all worked… now on to bigger and better things: like Garfield Pencils and New Kids On The Block Bubble Gum. Yeah, you want ’em.

Check out my current auctions:

New Kids on the Block Bubble Gum

Toyota Prius Snazzy Keychain

Set of four Garfield pencils from 1978

After sitting on a box of stuff for a year and a half, I have finally started selling things on ebay.  My first auction is for a Mountain Dew can (that I drank) from 1988 or so that I think is a rare design, but we’ll see if the collectors are into it.

I got my first bid today, and they matched my starting price of 99 cents. So far I am GUARANTEED to make 45 cents for my trouble.  That’s right… I’m a high roller….