It’s starting to look like no one is going to buy the New Kids on the Block Bubblegum I’m selling on ebay. It doesn’t make any sense to me. How could someone not want it? It’s so awesome! It looks like there may not be a buyer for the Garfield Pencils I’m selling either. To me that one is not as hard to believe, but I really thought they would sell. There is still time for both items, but I’m just so surprized that there are no bids on either one yet.

Ok, but here’s the real shocker for me: the Toyota Prius keychain that I almost threw away is now over $20! Who knew? Maybe it’s rare, or maybe there are more keychain collectors out there than I thought… actually that must be it since I didn’t think there were ANY keychain collectors out there.

I’m still firing it up though. I’ll have a Dish Network DVR on sale on Tuesday, and I’m going to put up some vintage Mark Hayward t-shirts later today I think. I’ll post a link when I do.

Vintage Mark Hayward performing t-shirt ebay auction