Fortunately for me, one of the Indianapolis yo-yo guys is also a comic book artist. I ordered some custom Duncan Freehand Zero yo-yos (just the sidecaps really) and Rob did the art for me. On one side he drew me as a super-hero, and on the other side as a super-villain. I’m excited about them, and they are supposed to ship on May 1st, so it’s getting close.

I figured that since I’m doing the super-hero thing on the yo-yos, and since I got this domain name this year, I might as well just keep things rolling and have my 2006 trading cards be super-hero themed as well. This will be my fourth trading card, and you can see the others here. My wife Lenore was taking some pictures of me doing a super-hero pose, so that Rob had something to work from, when my dog Vader came and sat next to me. Lenore got some great pix of the two of us, so now, if the drawing goes well, the image on the card will be of me with Vader, each wearing our own cape. I’m pretty excited about it.