My wife Lenore had some surgery last week (she’s ok) so I have been hanging out with her at home just letting her recuperate. Today I am with her at work being her teaching assistant since she is not able to lift anything heavier than 8 pounds for a month. She gets tired very quickly since she is not all the way healed yet, so we might go home and take a nap between her classes. I know… very cute.

This week is the Indianapolis Fringe Festival and I was asked to do some street performing as a part of it. The only problem is that there is no one out. I mean really no one. I drove down Mass Ave yesterday at about the time I was considering starting and I counted a total of 19 people in the five blocks of the street, and most of them were getting into their cars. I think that the problem is that unlike other major downtown streets in other cities, Mass Ave is not closed to cars.  So people just drive up to what they want, do their thing, and then drive away.  Since the only pay I will be getting is passing the hat, I am starting to think that I might not even be able to do a single show. I’ll keep checking it out though, so we will see.