I have been gathering footage, and mulling over ideas for this project for years.  Many of my performer friends have DVDs that they sell after their shows.  I have wanted to make one for years, but having the high standards that I do, I wanted to make a really high-quality DVD so it took a while to gather enough footage and get my ideas together.  I’m really excited about what we’ve been working on so far.  The whole thing will be bonus footage.  There are plenty of opportunities to see my show, and lots of people have seen it, but if you buy the DVD, you will get nothin’ but EXTRAS!  There will be footage of me performing bits that I don’t do very often, or in some cases have only done once;  Takeshi is working on a mini-documentary that will incorporate news footage, and interviews with friends and family; and there will be tutorial videos on how to do both yo-yo and spin-top tricks.  There will even be a section with really old-school footage, including a short documentary that my brother made back in the early 90s called “The Gemini’s Big Gig” from when Matt Henry and I used to perform together as The Gemini Jugglers.

Takeshi and I shot a bunch of footage on Thursday, and we will shoot some more in a just over a week after I get back from the IJA juggling festival in Winson-Salem NC.  The whole thing might be finished in a month, but we’ll see.