I’ve been playing an online game for a while now called WeeWar. It is so awesome. It’s kind of like the board game Risk. Aside from the fun strategy, and scheming, and destroying, one of the things that makes the game great is that it is turn-based. I’m currently embroiled in furious battle with my brother and my two cousins. What happens is I take my turn, and then the game sends an email to the next person in line that it is their turn. That means that every player can play when it is convenient to them, and the game doesn’t have to steal your soul and ruin your life! If you want to play more, you just start more games. If you don’t have much time for games, you can just be involved in one game with a bunch of players so that it takes a while to get back around to your turn again. This has been great for us since the four of us have very different lives: one who is frequently on the road (me), one with kids, one a newly-wed, and one who lives in the gutter and sleeps in filth.

The game with my brother and cousins has turned into our major form of communication too since there is a little box on the screen where you can have an ongoing chat with the other players. It’s great.

Ok, now here’s the real deal though: after I have recruited 10 players to the game, I achieve Pro status which means that in any game I start, all the players have access to a bunch of additional units (planes, boats) and cooler game maps. So if you want to play WeeWar, you can help me achieve Pro status by using this link to sign up. That way you will be counted as a player I have recruited! Then once I get Pro staus I would be glad to invite you to a game with all the additional units. Just remind me ;)

I should point out though, that you will need some patience. It turns out that WeeWar is so popular that they have had trouble keeping up with the huge demand, so there are times that the site goes down, and they are still fine-tuning the recent upgrades. I think they will get it all worked out soon.

You’d think that since I have six games going right now it would be my turn in one of them… but no.  I guess I just have to get invited to more games.