By sheer chance I heard that the Australian Circus Oz was in town, so I went to see it with my friend JoAnna.  It was AWESOME!.  I had only heard the name of the circus, and never anything about it, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Aside from having a different take on some classic circus stuff, what they really excel at is telling a story.  The trapeze act was all about the kids in the schoolyard, and there was a rolla-bola routine done on top of a street cart for Pink Lemonade.  The whole show is acompanied by live music, and the ring-mistress has both an unbelievable voice and enough personality for two people.  It was a really great show.

Unfortunately I was not able to meet or hang out with any of the cast since they were on their way to Mexico that night for the next gig.  After Mexico they are headed up to Berkley CA,  so if you’re in that area don’t miss your chance to see them.  I guess they only come to the states about once every two years.

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