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I apparently got WRECKED throwing boomerangs this weekend.  I threw a toy at the dog park today and discovered that my arm still hurts from throwing the ‘rangs on Saturday.  Sheesh.

I better rest up, cuz I’m itchin’  to go a ‘rangin’ again!

Today was a good day for sure. It started with going to the dog park with Vader and Lenore. We met some of our favorite dog park friends there, and had a nice time. Especially Vader, who spent most of the time thinking about how much he wanted to eat the four very cute baby squirrels up in one of the trees.
Then came the big stuff: the yo-yo meet. Yo-yo players from all over the state converged on the Glendale Mall for Food Court delights and yo-yoing. We stayed there until getting kicked out, and then adjourned to Broad Ripple Park. There are not a whole lot of things more fun than spending the afternoon swapping yo-yo and top tricks, throwing boomerangs, hanging out, and eating birthday cake. Yo-yos and tops are always fun of course, but I had an especially good time today throwing boomerangs. I made a new friend today, who not only let me throw his tri-blade and his “Tailess Cat-a-rang” (a boomerang in the shape of a cat that had an unfortunate accident) but he also let me keep them. YAY!!! More boomerangs! I had actually been wanting a right-handed tri-blade and a boomerang in the shape of something anyway, so this was perfect. I am going to have to get out and do some more boomeranging very soon.
In return for fun, I did have to get a little sunburned, but it was worth it.