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Last year I published an ebook on pumpkin carving just barely in time for Halloween at Lulu.com. I just posted the second edition of the book, and this time it’s early enough that it could actually be of use to people in time for Halloween. It’s got more tips, more photos, AND more patterns (drawn by me of course). It’s awesome. Now all I have to do is get people to buy it. One thing that I think would help would be reviews. If you are one of the people who already bought the book, I would sure appreciate a review on the Lulu site here. If you haven’t bought it yet, TIME’S-A-WASTIN’! There’s pumpkins to be carved!

Also, if you liked the book, please spread the word and tell a friend. It would make me very happy.

If you have always wanted to carve the Best Pumpkin in the World you can get in on the action with this book.

Mark Hayward has just released his first eBook: Pumpkin Carving Tips, Tricks and Patterns.

Even if you don’t want to be the Best in the World and just want to carve a better pumpkin than last year, you should check this out. It’ll be the best $2 you ever spend on Halloween for something that wasn’t covered in chocolate.

A lot of work went in to putting together this first edition of Pumpkin Carving Tips, Tricks and Patterns, and the second edition will be out in time for Halloween next year. The book was written as an enhanced version of Mark’s pumpkin web page.