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We’ve now finished our second sold-out weekend and gotten great reviews from the New York Times, The Villager, and Barista Kids.

“Extremely Funny” – New York Times

“Dangerous, Amazing, and Wild” – The Villager

“We had such a great time that I’d shell out hard-earned cash to see it again.” - Barista Kids


There are only two weekends left for you to catch the show, and one show is already more than halfway sold, so don’t wait!

This time my dog and I are Eastward bound. First a stop yesterday in Cleveland to hang out with the illustrious Steve Brown , and today we’re in Leonia NJ staying with Cousin Scott and family. The purpose of this trip is to go to the opening of Lenore’s first solo NY art show tomorrow night in Manhattan. It should be great. We both have a number of friends in the area, so I’m hoping that it will end up to be a little reunion of all our East Coast pals. We’ll see who can make it. Then after the show I get to go to the weekly post-juggling-practice meal with the NY juggling club. Good Chinese food, and always good times.

It’ll be a short visit here; on Friday we’ll take off again back to the good ol’ Midwest. After another stop at Steve Brown’s house, we’ll be home again for a couple of days before heading up to Milwaukee for a gig (in Chicago), and for me to fly out to California for my brother’s wedding. Vader will hang out in his “vacation home” with Lenore’s mother in Milwaukee. After that I’ll be home for a few days, then back up to Milwaukee for the Shorewood juggling festival where I will be MC for the big show.

March is a big month for traveling but April won’t be so bad.

I just got back from Juggle Those in New York City and it was awesome. Those NY jugglers know how to have a good time. As it turned out, most of my favorite jugglers in the world were there. It was such a good time.

On Sunday a bunch of us went to the Barnum & Bailey, Ringling Brothers Circus. I found the narrative rather hard to sit through, but all of the acts were spectacular. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but the motorcycle act was truly unbelievable.

There’s nothing like going and watching the circus when you’ve shown up with your own posse of jugglers and clowns. :)