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After years of envy I finally got a spoiler on my 1995 Toyota Corolla! Of course I didn’t exactly install it myself, it was installed by nature, one drip at a time.

The only thing I did to get these photos was remove snow. The ice is completely unmodified. The car was parked with the trunk just under the edge of our roof, and when we got that 20 inch snowfall a few weeks back it started to melt and drip off the roof. The air temperature was just right so that when the drips hit the thick layer of snow that was still on the car, they froze into this all-natural super-pimp ice-spoiler. I wanted to drive around with it, but of course it didn’t make it more than about a foot and a half before breaking apart.

This is really cool. A very unusual design for a snow tractor/snow mobile/snow machine… whatever you like to call them where you live. Apparently it is Henry Ford himself driving.

1926 Ford Snow Motor