Yo-yo contests are awesome. First of all, I get to hang out with a bunch of yo-yo folks (mostly dudes, but hopefully that will change), and second I get to see TONS of awesome yo-yo tricks.

Indiana States was really fun this last Saturday. Much to my surprise a lot of the WAY out of town people came. We had people from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and even New York. I counted about 75 people before things really got rolling, so I think there were about 100 there at the peak of the action. That was twice as many as I expected.

For the most part the contest went smoothly. We got the freestlye routines (3 minutes of tricks set to music) going a little late and we had a LOT of them so of course things went long. 20 is a lot for one conetest, and we had 48 to get through. It was really too many, but it’s hard to cut people when the main goal is to encourage yo-yoing.

You can see the final contest results here, and you can learn yo-yo tricks here.

I’ve said it before, but it still amazes me how cool I continue to think yo-yos are. Seriously… yo-yos are awesome.