It’s gona snow tonight.  A lot.  People are FREAKING OUT.  The grocery store had every single lane open and there were at least 10 people in every line.  They were running out of milk.

Natives tell me that it regularly snows here in the winter, but you sure can’t tell that by the level of panic in the face of a snow storm.  We’re supposed to get 6-12 inches tonight, and the little “Snow Warning” tag in the corner of the TV screen has now been there for 18 hours.  The local news people are just SO excited about the big storm.  By the amount of coverage it has gotten so far you’d think that the Manson Family was moving to town.

Of course snow and slippery roads can be dangerous, and people need to be careful and properly prepared, but is it really necessary to make a national emergency out of everything? This is exactly what Michael Moore was talking about in Bowling for Columbine, we live in a culture of fear where the media just can’t wait to blow everything WAY out of proportion.